Alvin and Nellie AndersonAlvin and Nelly Anderson

Alvin was born in New York but grew up in South Carolina the son of a tobacco farmer. At 19 he accepted the Lord as his savior shortly after he left South Carolina for Tyler, Texas to attend Bible school. While in Bible school Alvin had a vision of a man who left the city to make his home on the city dump. In the vision, the man sifted through the garbage looking for items of value the people from the city had discarded. When the man returned to the city to visit friends and relatives he would take them gifts of the cleaned up items he found on the dump. The people always received the gifts gladly and loved them without knowing these had been recovered from a dump. That vision has since defined Alvin’s life and ministry – working with those society has abandoned but are valuable in God’s eyes.  Over time, Alvin began his life as a missionary in Central America. He has worked in Nicaragua, Belize, and Honduras. He married his wife Nelly (who is Nicaraguan) in 1993. He has been in missions for over 34 years. He and his family have spent the last 18 years in ministry here in Honduras. They have two biological daughters Annie (19) and Amy (17) and they are foster parents to more than 300 Honduran children.

Pastor Marcus and Isabel

Before coming to the Lord, Pastor Marcus ran with professional thieves as their fence for dealing stolen goods. His wife Isabel was a party girl. Through Alvin and Nelly’s discipleship, both turned their hearts to the Lord in June 1999 and since faithfully serve in many areas of the ministry. Pastor Marcus oversees many of the day to day operations in the central church as well as administrating feeding center operations. Isabel leads Bible studies among teens at the two feeding centres. They have three daughters together, and raising a foster daughter.

Carlos (Carlitos) and Bessy

This man is the definition of a servant. He spends his morning working up at the feeding centers helping to administer the child sponsorship programs and his afternoons are at the church doing projects or running errands. He always has a smile and is always ready to help, no matter what it is. Bessy assists with errands that involve things with the vocational trades program at the girls juvenile detention center. They have been married since 2010.