Transform Lives Through Child Sponsorship

The best way to change the lives of children in Honduras is to foster an environment for education. And the best way to do that is to meet some of the basic needs of each child. This is what the Child Sponsorship Program of Manos Extendidas does, and it all starts with you…

1. Start by searching for a child.

We have a number of children currently waiting for sponsors.

2. Choose a child and create an account.

We have a very simple form to fill out. We will email you welcome and payment information.

3. Start your relationship.

You can send a letter to your child right away and your child will also send you letters.


Learn More About Sponsorship

How does sponsorship help children?

  • In Honduras, thousands of children will go to bed tonight hungry. Often they will have only one meal a day consisting of a few corn tortillas and a half cup of coffee. In order to break out of the cycle of poverty they need help. ┬áThat is where child sponsorship comes in. Through meeting basics needs such as food, medical care, and school supplies, these children are able to get an education which dramatically increases their chances of escaping poverty. However, we don’t just meet physical needs. Our sponsorship program is church based and designed to bring the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ to not only the child but their whole family.

How does sponsorship work?

  • Sponsorship actually benefits an entire community. While you truly are sponsoring a child the resources of the sponsorship program go to provide services to an entire community. Every Saturday we feed and provide a Bible lesson to hundreds of kids who are not necessarily sponsored. In essence, all our sponsors are working together to bring change to individual children, to their families, and a community.

Will I get to know my sponsor child?

  • Yes. You have many opportunities to write to them and send pictures. They will also write to you and we will provide pictures on a regular basis. One of the most rewarding experiences for a sponsor is being able to watch their child grow and to see the positive effect they have had on the child’s life. And if you ever take a trip to Honduras, you can meet your child as many others have done.

How do I know my donations are effective?

  • We are a small ministry with even smaller overhead. Nearly every dollar you send ends up right here in Honduras in the Child Sponsorship Program. We have no office rent to pay or executive salaries to pay.

How do I pay?

  • Once you have sponsored a child from the child sponsorship website the program administrators will be notified. They will then send you an email with payment information. There are a couple options for you to choose from. You can set up automatic payments or send in payments monthly, quarterly, or yearly.

Are my payments tax-deductible?

  • Yes, all payments are processed by a non-profit organization. You will receive a tax-deductible receipt for your donations.