Manos Extendidas works in various areas and facilities throughout the capital city of Tegucigalpa. Our focus is to bring a message of hope to the needy, abandoned, neglected, and abused of Honduras. We believe a personal relationship with Jesus Christ is the first step in escaping poverty. And by poverty we don’t just mean a lack of material goods but also a poverty of the soul. Those who come to know Jesus find a hope for the future they didn’t have before. They are then willing to address the issues that have them locked in a cycle of poverty.

Every day we have workers from our ministry working all of our outreach locations. Every night of the week we have something happening whether it is a church service for feeding homeless kids on the street. Most of these activities are led by native Hondurans who have been discipled through the ministry and are now discipling others. Our work is also helped by the many short term mission teams that visit us every year.

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