Manos Extendidas became involved with constructing homes for the poor in 1999 several months after hurricane Mitch left millions homeless. Many of the impoverished people living around Tegucigalpa live in substandard housing. Through the work of short term mission teams, or churches and businesses willing to donate a house, we are able to help a number of families every year by building them a house that is safe and protects them from the harsh sun and torrential rains.

A standard home is 12’x16′ and is constructed of wood or concrete block with a tin roof and a concrete floor. When a team comes to build a house they raise the money for the materials and send it ahead of time. Then when the team arrives the supplies have been purchased in advance and the site is prepared for the building to begin. Typical construction time is 4-6 days. The approximate cost is $3,300 for a wood house and $5,500 for a concrete block house.

House before construction

House after construction