Manos Extendidas is also dedicated to serving and ministering to the incarcerated youth in the juvenile detention centers. Our ministry visits these centers on a regular basis, discipling and reaching into the lives of these young people.


There are two parts to the Juvenile Detention Centers. Renanciendo (Rebirth) is the center for the males, ages 13-18. These boys have either come from the streets, a gang, or have been abused and abandoned and have committed some type of crime. There are generally over one hundred boys in this center and they are serving time for crimes such as stealing, rape, murder, drug and arms trafficking.

Sagrado Corazon

Sagrado Corazon (Sacred Heart) is the center for females, ages 13-18. These girls are here for committing crimes such as robbery, kidnapping, assault, murder, drug and firearm trafficking. Most have been abused both physically and sexually.

There are countless needs spiritually and emotionally in the detention centers. Many of the youth feel hopeless and abandoned, especially once they are dismissed from the centers. Mission teams can help in restructuring the lives of these kids by sharing hope and giving love. Many teams prepare special activities or lessons to do with the kids or simply engage in a game of soccer.