Manos Extendidas has two feeding centers in the hillside neighborhoods on the outskirts of the city of Tegucigalpa. Throughout the week, the feeding centers serve as a preschool to around 40-60 children, ages 3-5 years old. They are given breakfast and lunch, a Bible lesson, and taught a typical preschool lesson to prepare them for entering the public schools. Every day at noon, our sponsored children come for a meal.

On Saturday’s we run a program at both centers where we provide a meal and a Sunday School program for around 400 children up to age 14. This may be the only meal that these children will get to eat that day.

Visiting teams often will prepare a Bible lesson and activities for the children. They color with them, play games, and serve their meal for the day. This is an excellent time to hug and love on some of the poorest children in the city.