The call of our heart is toward the needy and abandoned children and youth of Honduras. Many youth have no alternative and are forced to live on the streets. They are attempting to escape the poverty or the physical and/or sexual abuse at home. The clothes on their back is all they have. Ninety five percent have an addiction to glue, which they constantly sniff from a bottle tucked in their shirt – it helps to numb the pain of hunger.

On average, once a week the ministry goes to the streets to visit these kids. Mission teams have the opportunity to touch the lives of these street kids with acts of love by providing food, drink, and most importantly, a smile and a hug.

Team Preparations

This is one of the most difficult parts of the ministry to prepare for.

It is one of the most intense experiences mission team members will have during their trip. It is hard to imagine such poverty and living conditions until you see it first hand. The streets are dark, the smells at times are overwhelming, and the youth living there are desperate and lacking normal social skills.

However, we believe they are all created by God, in His image, and are of great value – they just don’t know their value. As a team visiting the streets the best way for you to prepare is to pray. Pray that God would open your heart and would break your heart with what breaks his. Pray for an open mind and open arms. Pray for the ability to get past the dirtiness and the smells and to really show love to those are dieing without hope.