Tiny Houses is a government run home for abandoned or misbehaved children. It is named “tiny houses” for its many cabins which house all ages:

  • newborns
  • toddlers
  • young boys and girls
  • and teenage girls.

We assist an NGO called Orphan Helpers to teach the children how to read and write, hold Bible Study and discipleship classes, and counsel the children. They also teach several vocational skills courses such as beautician and sewing classes to the older teenage girls. These vocational classes give them an opportunity to learn a new skill that they can use for a future job to hopefully escape dependency, begging, or prostitution.

Most of the teenage girls in Tiny Houses have been sexually abused. When they turn 18, they have “aged-out” of the home, and many have no place to go. It is at that point that Manos will help find homes or provide families to take them in.

Mission teams visit the center to assist the staff by offering love and encouragement to the children. In the past teams have done evangelical work through

  • puppet shows
  • sports camps
  • drama skits
  • Bible studies
  • and craft activities